rimor (Latin, verb): to examine, explore, investigate, search

Our story

Rimor Equity Research has been founded to offer a new sell-side equity research model in the Australian market with a value proposition more aligned with buy-side investors. We believe sell-side equity research has an important ongoing role in investment decision-making of buy-side investors. However a range of structural and regulatory pressures on sell-side profitability has led to declining quality of investment research, a focus on higher turnover of investment positions and reliance on other revenue streams to fund research. We aim to build a different sell-side offering:

  • A team entirely focused on in-depthlong-term research
  • With an ability to also offer bespoke research services to clients
  • A business model not reliant on trading revenue
  • And being free of conflicts from other revenue streams
For more detail on our research service offering, see Our services